Definition & Meaning of "W"

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w :

Usage of W

The abbreviation W is commonly used in texting and online messaging to represent the word 'win'. It is often used to express a sense of accomplishment, success, or victory. For example, when someone achieves a goal or accomplishes something significant, they might use W as a shorthand way to communicate their triumph. The abbreviation W can also be used in competitive contexts, such as sports or gaming, to indicate a successful outcome or a positive result. Overall, W is a convenient and widely recognized abbreviation that conveys a sense of winning or accomplishment.

Examples of W used in texting:

1. Text message: "Just finished my final exams and aced them all! W for me!"
2. Text message: "Our team won the championship game! W!!!"
3. Text message: "I just beat the highest level in this video game. Woooo! What a rush!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "w"

2mmrw :
2morow :
2morrow :
2mrw :
2mw :
4tw :
for the win
4ward :
4wd :
aatw :
all around the world
abwt :
aiadw :
aiws :
as i was saying
anw :
anwwi :
alright now where was i
anywaz :
atw :
All the way
awb :
Acquaintance with benefits
awes :
awk :
awol :
absent without leave
awsic :
and why should i care
awsm :
awsome :
awty :
are we there yet
ayw :
as you wish
ayws :
as you were saying
b/w :
b2w :
Back to work
bbiaw :
be back in a while
bbw :
be back whenever
bbwb :
best buddy with boobs
bbwe :
be back whenever
bbwl :
be back way later
bewb :
bewbs :
bewbz :
bewt :
bffaw :
best friends for a while
bfitww :
best friend in the whole world
bhwu :
back home with you
bicbw :
but I could be wrong
biw :
boss is watching
biwm :
bisexual white male
bobw :
Best of Both Worlds
bowt :
brbmpawoms :
be right back my parents are watching over my shoulder
btfw :
by the f**king way
btw :
by the way
btwilu :
by the way i love you
btwitiailwu :
by the way i think i am in love with you
btwn :
buwu :
breaking up with you
bw3 :
Buffalo Wild Wings
bwim :
by which i mean
bwoc :
Big Woman On Campus
bwpwap :
back when Pluto was a planet
bwt :
but when though
byow :
bring your own weed
catwot :
complete and total waste of time
cawk :
chohw :
Come Hell or high water
chswm :
come have sex with me
chswmrn :
come have sex with me right now
cihswu :
can i have sex with you
ciwwaf :
cute is what we aim for
cmiiw :
correct me if I'm wrong
cmliuw2 :
call me later if you want to
cmw :
cutting my wrists
coiwta :
come on i wont tell anyone
cuwul :
catch up with you later
cw2cu :
can`t wait to see you
cwd :
comment when done
cwm :
come with me
cwmaos :
coffee with milk and one sugar
cwot :
complete waste of time
cwtgypo :
can't wait to get your panties off
cwyl :
chat with ya later
d.w :
don't worry
d/w :
don't worry
dawg :
dbafwtt :
Don't Be A Fool Wrap The Tool
dcw :
Doing Class Work
dewd :
dfw :
down for whatever
dfw/m :
Don't f**k with Me
dfwm :
Don't f**k with Me
dfwmt :
Don't f**king waste my time
dfwu :
don't f**k with us
Don't get me wrong
dinkwad :
dual income no kids with a dog
dinkwads :
dual incomes no kids with a dog
dmwm :
don't mess with me
dnw :
Do not want
dw :
don't worry
dwai :
don't worry about it
dwb :
Driving while black
dwbh :
don't worry, be happy
dwbi :
Don't worry about it.
dwi :
deal with it
dwioyot :
Deal With It On Your Own Time
dwmt :
don't waste my time
dwn :
dwt :
don't wanna talk
dwud :
do what you do
dwy :
don't wet yourself
dyw :
don't you worry
dyw2gwm :
do you want to go with me
dywmtcoaeyptucomf :
do you want me to come over and eat your p***y until you c** on my face
dywtmusw :
do you want to meet up some where
Idkwtfytb :
I dont know what the f**k you're talking about
eotw :
end of the world
fawk :
fbtw :
Fine Be That Way
fmltwia :
f**k me like the w***e I am
ftfw :
For the f**king win!
ftmfw :
for the mother f**king win
ftw :
For the win!
Ftwah :
For the win a**h**e
fw :
f**k with
fwb :
Friends with Benefits
fwd :
Fwi :
f**k with it
fwiw :
for what it's worth
fwm :
Fine With Me
fwob :
friends with occasional benefits
fwp :
first world problems
f**k with you
g2g2w :
got to go to work
g2g4aw :
got to go for a while
g2gb2wn :
got to go back to work now
gaw :
grandparents are watching
gbtw :
go back to work
gewd :
ggpaw :
gotta go parents are watching
ggwp :
Good Game Well-Played
glwt :
good luck with that
gnfpwlbn :
good news for people who love bad news
gokw :
God Only Knows Why
gow :
gears of war
gpwm :
good point well made
gtfbtw :
get the f**k back to work
gtgtwn :
Got to go to work now
gw :
good work
gwijd :
guess what i just did
gwm :
gay white male
gwork :
good work
gwrk :
good work
gws :
get well soon
gwytose :
go waste your time on someone else
h/w :
hawf :
Husband and Wife forever
hawtie :
hfwt :
have fun with that
hiw :
husband is watching
hmewrk :
hmw :
hmwk :
hmwrk :
howz :
hswm :
Have Sex With me
hw :
hw/hw :
help me with homework
hwg :
here we go
hwga :
here we go again
hwik :
how would i know
hwk :
hwmbo :
he who must be obeyed
hwmnbn :
he who must not be named
hwms :
hot wild monkey sex
hwu :
hey what's up
hwz :
how is
iacwdym :
i am confused what do you mean
iaw :
In Another Window
iawtc :
I agree with this comment
iawtp :
I agree with this post
iawy :
I agree with you
ibw :
I'll be waiting
icbiwoop :
I chuckled, but it was out of pity.
icw :
I care why?
icwudt :
I see what you did there
icwum :
I see what you mean
idbtwdsat :
I don't believe they would do such a thing
idkw :
I don't know why
idkwiwdwu :
I don't know what I would do without you
idkwts :
I don't know what to say
idkwurta :
I don't know what you are talking about.
idkwym :
I don't know what you mean
idlyitw :
i don't like you in that way
idmhw :
im doing my homework
idnwths :
i do not want to have sex
idsw :
i don't see why
iduwym :
I don't understand what you mean.
idw2 :
I don't want to
idw2n :
i don't want to know
idwk :
I don't wanna know
idwt :
i don't want to
idwtg :
I don't want to go
ifwis :
I forgot what I said
ihiwydt :
I hate it when you do that
ihtgttbwijd :
I have to go to the bathroom, wait I just did.
iitywimwybmad :
if I tell you what it means will you buy me a drink
iitywybmad :
if I tell you, will you buy me a drink?
iiw2 :
is it web 2.0?
iiwii :
it is what it is
ikwud :
I know what you did
ikwum :
I know what you meant
Ikwydls :
I know what you did last summer
ikwyl :
I know where you live
ikwym :
i know what you mean
ikykwak :
I know you know we all know
iltwummf :
i love the way you make me feel
I love the way you think
iltwymmf :
I love the way you make me feel
iluwamh :
i love you with all my heart
ilywamh :
I love you with all my heart
imtaw :
it may take a while
imwtk :
Inquiring minds want to know
inhwh :
I need homework help
intarwebs :
interweb :
inttwmf :
I am Not Typing This With My Fingers
iomw :
I'm on my way
iow :
in other words
irgtgbtw :
I've really got to get back to work
istwfn :
I stole this word from
iswydt :
i see what you did there
iukwim :
if you know what i mean
iw2f :
i want to f**k
iw2fu :
i want to f**k you
iw2mu :
I want to meet you
iwaa :
It was an accident
iwbrbl@r :
I will be right back later
iwc :
In Which Case
iwdt :
I will do that
iwfusb :
i wanna f**k you so bad
iwfy :
I want to f**k you
iwfybo :
i will f**k your brains out
iwg :
it was good
iwhi :
I would hit it
iwhswu :
I want to have sex with you
iwiwd :
i wish i was dead
iwjk :
i was just kidding
iwk :
I wouldn't know
iwlu4e :
I will love you for ever
iwmu :
i will miss you
iwmy :
i will miss you
iws :
i want sex
iwsn :
i want sex now
iwsul8r :
I will see you later
iwtfu :
i want to f**k you
iwtfy :
i want to f**k you
Iwtfysbrn :
I want to f**k you so bad right now
Iwths :
I want to have sex
iwthswy :
i want to have sex with you
iwtk :
I Want to Know
Iwtkms :
I want to kill myself
iwtly :
i want to love you
iwu :
i want you
iwuwh :
i wish you were here
iwy :
i want you
iwyb :
I want your body
iwyn :
I want you now
iwythmb :
i want you to have my baby
iykwim :
if you know what I mean
iyswim :
if you see what I mean
iywt :
if you want to
j/w :
just wondering
jfwy :
just f**king with you
jttsiowctw :
just testing to see if other websites copy this word
jtwii :
just the way it is.
jtwiw :
just the way it was.
jw :
just wondering
jw2k :
just wanted to know
jwas :
just wait a second
jwing :
just wondering
jwtlyk :
Just wanted to let you know
k3wl :
kaw :
kick ass work
kewl :
kiwf :
Kill It With Fire
kmswl :
killing myself with laughter
knewb :
new player
knw :
ksw :
Ok so what
kutgw :
Keep Up The good Work
kuwl :
kwik :
kwim :
Know What I Mean
kwis :
Know what I'm saying?
kwit :
kwiz :
kwl :
kwtsds :
Kiss where the sun don't shine
latwttb :
laughing all the way to the bank
lawd :
lawl :
lauging out loud with a southern drawl
lawl'd :
laughed out loud
lawled :
laughed out loud
lawls :
laughing out loud with a southern drawl
lawlz :
laughing out loud with a southern drawl
lmaowrotf :
Laughing my ass of while rolling on the floor
lmaowtntpm :
laughing my ass off whilst trying not to piss myself
lmbfwao :
laughing my big fat white ass off
lmkwc :
Let me know when clear
lmkwut :
let me know what you think
lmpitw :
let me put it this way
lolaw :
laugh out loud at work
lolwtime :
laughing out loud with tears in my eyes
lpiaw :
Large Penis is always welcome
lsfw :
Less Safe For Work
lshiwms :
laughing so hard I wet myself
ltw :
Lead The Way
ltywl :
love the way you lie
lwih :
look what I have
lwn :
last week's news
lwwy :
Live While We\'re Young
m$wxp :
Microsoft Windows XP
mfw :
my face when
mgiwjsdchmw :
my girlfriend is watching jeff so don't call her my wife
miw :
mom is watching
miwnlf :
mom I would not like to f**k.
mmiw :
my mom is watching
mmw :
making me wet
mpaw :
my parents are watching
mtfbwu :
may the force be with you
mtfbwy :
May the Force be with you
mw2 :
modern warfare 2
mw3 :
Modern Warfare 3
mwah :
mwf :
Married White Female
mwm :
married white man
mwsmirl :
maybe we should meet in real life
na4w :
not appropriate for work
naw-t :
nawidt :
never again will i do that
newais :
neway :
neways :
newayz :
newb :
someone who is new
newbie :
new player
newez :
nfw :
no f**king way
niwdi :
no I won\'t do it
nmhwby :
nothing much here what about you
nmjdhw :
nothing much just doing homework
nmw :
no matter what
nmwh :
no matter what happens
nomw :
not on my watch
knickers off ready when I come home
nowai :
No way
nowin :
Npwd :
No problem will do
nsfw :
not safe for work
nttawwt :
Not that there is anything wrong with that
nttiawwt :
Not that there is anything wrong with that.
ntw :
not to worry
nw :
no way
nwb :
a new person
nwih :
no way in hell
nwj :
No Way Jose
nwo :
new world order
nwrus :
no way are your serious
nws :
not work safe
nwtf :
now what the f**k
nwy :
no way
nywy :
oaw :
on a website
obtw :
oh, by the way
ofwg :
old fat white guys
ogw :
oh guess what
oicwydt :
oh, i see what you did there
omfwtg :
Oh My f**k What The God?
omgwtf :
on my God, what the f**k
oh my God, what the f**k
omgwtfhax :
Oh My God What The f**k, Hacks!
omgwtfit :
Oh my God, what the f**k is that
on my God, what the f**k
omw :
on my way
omwh :
on my way home
omwts :
on my way to school
oow :
On our way
otw :
on the way
oways :
oh wow are you serious
owned :
made to look bad
ownt :
made to look bad
ownz :
ownzer :
one who makes others look bad
ownzorz :
oww :
Oops, wrong window
p/w :
p0wn :
make to look bad
p2w :
pay to win
p@w :
parents are watching
paw :
parents are watching
pewp :
piw :
Parent is watching
plywm :
play with me
pow :
prisoner of war
prw :
parents are watching
ptw :
play to win
pw :
parent watching
pwb :
p***y whipped b***h
pwcb :
parents watching close by
pwd :
Pwg :
Pretty white girl
pwn :
made to look bad
pwn3d :
pwn3r :
pwnage :
pwnd :
pwned :
made to look bad
pwner :
pwnr :
pwnt :
pwnz :
pwob :
Parent watching over back
pwoms :
parent watching over my shoulder
pwor :
pwos :
parent was over sholder
pww :
parents were watching
qpwd :
quit posting while drunk
rawk :
rawks :
rawr :
roflmaowpimp :
rolling on floor laughing my ass off while peeing in my pants
roflwtime :
Rolling on the Floor laughing with tears in my eyes
rofwl :
Rolling on the floor while laughing
rotfwlmao :
rolling on the floor while laughing my ass off
rotw :
rest of the world
rowyco :
rock out with your c**k out
ruwm :
are you watching me
rwb :
Rich White b***h
s.w.a.k. :
sealed with a kiss
sfw :
safe for work
sfwuz :
safe for work until zoomed
showin :
shwr :
Social Justice Warrior
skewl :
skwl :
smithwaws :
Smack me in the head with a wooden spoon
snew :
what's new
sow :
statement of work
sowi :
sowwy :
sswm :
secrets safe with me
stfugbtw :
shut the f**k up and get back to work
stfw :
search the f**king web
stw :
share the wealth
suagtw :
shut up and get to work
sw :
so what
swafk :
sealed with a friendly kiss
swak :
sealed with a kiss
swakaah :
Sealed With A Kiss And A Hug
swalk :
sealed with a loving kiss
swed :
smoke weed every day
swf :
single white female
swm :
single white male
swmbo :
she who must be obeyed
swmt :
Stop Wasting My Time
swol :
swp :
sorry wrong person
swsw2b :
single when she wants to be
swt :
swtf :
seriously, what the f**k
taw :
Teachers are Watching
tbhwu :
To be honest with you
Tbhwy :
To be honest with you
tdwdtg :
The Devil Went Down To Georgia
teotwawki :
the end of the world as we know it
tffw :
Too funny for words
tfu2baw :
time for you to buy a watch
tfw :
that feeling when
tgfitw :
The Greatest Fans In The World
tgiwjo :
Thank God It Was Just Once
tgwig :
thank god wife is gone
tgws :
that goes without saying
thwdi :
thats how we do it
thwy :
the hell with you!
tiatwtcc :
this is a trap word to catch copiers
tisw :
that is so wrong
tiw :
teacher is watching
tliwwv :
this link is worthless without video
tmmrw :
tmrrw :
tmrw :
tmw :
Too much work
tmwfi :
Take my word for it
tpiwwp :
this post is worthless without pictures
tswc :
tell someone who cares
ttiuwiop :
this thread is useless without pics
ttiuwop :
this thread is useless without pics
ttiuwp :
This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures
ttiwwop :
This thread is worthless without pics
ttiwwp :
this thread is worthless without pics
ttynw :
talk to you next week
ttyw :
talk to you whenever
ttywl :
Talk to you way later
tw :
Teacher Watching
twajs :
That was a joke, son.
twat :
twbc :
that would be cool
twdah :
that was dumb as hell
twf :
That was funny
twfaf :
thats what friends are for
twg :
That was great
twi :
Texting While Intoxicated
That’s what I figured
twis :
that's what I said
twoh :
typing with one hand
tws2wa :
That was so 2 weeks ago
twss :
That's what she said
twsy :
That was so yeterday
TwT :
time will tell
twttr :
twvsoy :
that was very stupid of you
twyl :
Talk With You Later
twyms :
that's what your mom said
twys :
Talk With You Soon
wt :
udwk :
you don't want to know
ukwim :
you know what i mean
upw :
unidentified party wound
urmw :
you are my world
urtbitw :
You are the best in the world!
urtw :
you are the worst
urw :
you are weird
utw :
used to work
uw :
you're welcome
uwbr :
You will be remembered
uwc :
you are welcome
uwu :
cute face
wuta :
what you talking about
vwd :
very well done
vweg :
very wicked evil grin
swswta :
so what should we talk about
W :
w'sup :
what's up
w.b.s. :
Write Back Soon
w.e :
w.e. :
w.o.w :
World of Warcraft
w.o.w. :
world of warcraft
w/ :
w/b :
write back
w/e :
w/end :
w/eva :
w/o :
with out
w/out :
w/u :
with you
w00t :
w2d :
what to do
w2f :
want to f**k
w2g :
Way to go
w2ho :
want to hang out
w2m :
want to meet
w33d :
w8 :
w8am :
wait a minute
w8ing :
w8n :
w8t4me :
wait for me
w8ter :
w911 :
Wife in room
wab :
what a b***h
wad :
without a doubt
wad ^ :
what's up?
waddup :
what's up
wadr :
with all due respect
wadzup :
What's up?
waf :
weird as f**k
wafda :
What a f**king Dumb Ass
wafl :
what a f**king loser
wafm :
wait a f**king minute
wafn :
what a f**ken noob
wai :
what an idiot
waiotc :
why am I on this chat
waloc :
what a load of crap
walstib :
what a long strange trip it's been
wam :
wait a minute
wamh :
with all my heart
wan2tlk :
Want to talk
wana :
want to
wanafuk :
wanna f**k
Wank :
wanker :
wanking :
wanna :
want to
wansta :
wanna be ganster
wap :
wet ass p***y
warez :
illegally obtained software
wassup :
what's up?
wasup :
What's Up
was^ :
What's Up
wat :
wat's^ :
Whats Up
watcha :
what are you
watev :
wateva :
watevr :
watevs :
watp :
We Are The People
wats :
wats ^ :
whats up
wats^ :
what's up?
watz ^ :
What's up
wau :
what about you
Waud :
What are you doing
Waudrn :
What are you doing right now
waug :
Where are you going
wauw :
what are you wearing
wau^2 :
what are you up to?
waw :
what a w***e
waycb :
when are you coming back
Waycm :
Why are you calling me
wayd :
what are you doing
waydt :
What are you doing tonight
waygow :
who are you going out with
wayh :
why are you here
wayn :
Where Are You Now
waysttm :
why are you still talking to me
waysw :
Why are you so weird
wayt :
What are you thinking?
wayta :
what are you talking about
wayut :
what are you up to
waz :
what is
waz ^ :
what's up
wazz :
wazza :
what's up
wazzup :
what's up
waz^ :
what's up?
wb :
welcome back
wbagnfarb :
would be a good name for a rock band
wbb :
will be back
wbbs :
will be back soon
wbk :
Welcome Back
wbp :
Welcome Back Partner
wbrb :
Will be right back
wbs :
write back soon
wbu :
what about you
wby :
what about you
wc :
who cares
wc3 :
Warcraft III
wcb :
welcome back
wcm :
Women Crush Monday
wcutm :
what can you tell me
wcw :
webcam w***e
wd :
well done
wdf :
Worth Dying For
wdhlm :
why doesnt he love me?
wdidn :
what do i do now
wdim :
What Did I miss
wdk :
We Don't Know
wdtm :
what does that mean
wduc :
what do you care
why did you do that
wdug :
where did you go
wdum :
what do you mean
wdus :
What Did You Say
wdut :
what do you think?
wdutom :
what do you think of me
wduw :
what do you want
wduwta :
what do you wanna talk about
wduwtta :
what do you want to talk about
wdwdn :
what do we do now
wdwgw :
where did we go wrong
wdya :
why do you ask
wdydt :
why do you do that
Wdydtm :
What did you do to me
wdye :
What do you expect
wdyl :
who do you like
wdym :
what do you mean
wdys :
What did you say
wdyt :
what do you think
wdytia :
who do you think i am?
wdyw :
what do you want
wdywd :
what do you want to do?
wdywfm :
what do you want from me
wdywta :
what do you wanna talk about
wdywtd :
what do you want to do
wdywtdt :
Why Do You Want To Do That?
wdywtta :
what do you want to talk about
wdywttab :
What do you want to talk about
webby :
weg :
wicked evil grin
welc :
wen :
werkz :
wev :
weve :
what ever
wevr :
Wfau :
Who f**king asked you
wfh :
Working From Home
wfhw :
what's for homework
wfm :
Works For Me
wfyb :
whatever floats your boat
wg :
wicked gril
wgac :
who gives a crap
wgaf :
Who gives a f**k
wgas :
who gives a s**t
wgasa :
who gives a s**t anyway
wgo :
what's going on
wgph2 :
Want to go play Halo 2?
wha :
whaddya :
what do you
What'cha :
What are you
whatcha :
what are you
whatev :
whatevs :
whats ^ :
whats up
what^ :
what's up?
whenevs :
whevah :
where ever
whever :
whf :
Wanna have fun?
whit :
whodi :
whr :
whs :
wanna have sex
wht :
whteva :
what ever
whteve :
whtever :
whtevr :
whtvr :
wht^ :
what up
whubu2 :
what have you been up to
whubut :
what have you been up to
whut :
whyb :
where have you been
whyd :
What Have You Done
wibta :
would I be the a**h**e
wid :
widout :
wieu2 :
What Is Everyone Up To
wif :
wifu :
where I f**ked up
wiid :
what if i did
wilco :
will comply
winnar :
wio :
wip :
Work In progress
wit :
witcha :
with you
witfp :
What is the f**king point
witu :
with you
witw :
what in the world
witwct :
What is the world coming too
witwu :
who is there with you
witwwyt :
what in the world were you thinking
wiu :
What is up?
wiuwu :
what is up with you
wiv :
wiw :
wife is watching
wiwhu :
wish I was holding you
wiwt :
wish i was there
Wiwwy :
What is wrong with you
Wiyn :
What is your name
wiyp :
what is your problem
wjwd :
What Jesus Would Do
wk :
wkd :
wkend :
wl :
wlc :
wlcb :
welcome back
wlcm :
wld :
wlkd :
wlos :
wife looking over Shoulder
wltm :
would like to meet
wmao :
working my ass off
wmd :
Weapons Of Mass Destruction
wmgl :
wish me good luck
wml :
Wish Me Luck
wmts :
we must talk soon
wmyb :
What Makes You Beautiful
wmytic :
What makes you think I care
wn :
wna :
want to
wnkr :
wnrn :
why not right now
wnt :
wntd :
what not to do
woa :
word of advice
woc :
welcome on cam
wochit :
watch it
woe :
what on earth
woft :
Waste of f**king time
wogge :
what on god's green earth?
wogs :
waste of good sperm
wolo :
we only live once
wom :
word of mouth
wombat :
waste of money, brains, and time
woot :
wos :
Waste of space
wot :
wotevs :
wotv :
What's on Television?
wotw :
word of the week
woum :
what's on your mind
wp :
wrong person
wpe :
worst president ever (Bush)
wrd :
wrdo :
wrgad :
who really gives a damn
wrgaf :
Who really gives a f**k?
wrk :
wrm :
which reminds me
wrng :
wrt :
with regard to
wrtg :
wrthls :
wru :
where are you
wrud :
what are you doing
wruf :
where are you from
wruu2 :
what are you up to
wryd :
what are you doing
wsb :
wanna cyber?
wsf :
we should f**k
wshtf :
when s**t hits the fan
wsi :
why should I
wsibt :
when should i be there
wsidi :
Why Should I Do It
wsop :
world series of poker
Wss :
Why so sad
wswta :
What shall we talk about?
wtaf :
What the actual f**k
wtb :
Want to buy
wtbd :
what's the big deal
wtbh :
What the bloody hell
wtc :
what the crap
wtcf :
what the crazy f**k
wtd :
what the deuce
What the expletive
wtf :
what the f**k
wtfaud :
what the f**k are you doing?
wtfay :
who the f**k are you
wtfayd :
what the f**k are you doing
wtfayt :
why the f**k are you talking
wtfayta :
What the f**k are you talking about?
wtfb :
what the f**k b***h
wtfbs :
What the f**k bull s**t
wtfc :
Who The f**k Cares
wtfdik :
what the f**k do i know
wtfdtm :
What the f**k does that mean
wtfdum :
what the f**k do you mean
wtfduw :
What the f**k do you want?
wtfdym :
what the f**k do you mean
wtfdyw :
what the f**k do you want
wtfe :
What The f**k Ever
wtfever :
what the f**k ever
wtfg :
What the f**king god
wtfh :
what the f**king hell
wtfhb :
what the f**king hell b***h
wtfhwt :
what the f**king hell was that
wtfigo :
what the f**k is going on
wtfigoh :
what the f**k is going on here
wtfit :
what the f**k is that
wtfits :
what the f**k is this s**t
wtfiu :
what the f**k is up
wtfiup :
what the f**k is your problem
wtfiuwy :
what the f**k is up with you
wtfiwwu :
what the f**k is wrong with you
wtfiwwy :
what the f**k is wrong with you
wtfiyp :
what the f**k is your problem
wtfm :
what the f**k, mate?
wtfmf :
what the f**k mother f**ker
wtfo :
what the f**k over
wtfru :
what the f**k are you
wtfrud :
What the f**k are you doing?
wtfrudng :
what the f**k are you doing
wtfrudoin :
what the f**k are you doing
wtfruo :
what the f**k are you on?
wtfruttd :
what the f**k are you trying to do
wtfs :
what the f**king s**t?
wtfuah :
what the f**k you a**h**e
wtful :
What the f**k you loser
wtfwjd :
what the f**k would jesus do
wtfwt :
what the f**k was that
wtfwtd :
what the f**k was that dude
wtfwtf :
what the f**k was that for?
Wtfwydt :
Why the f**k would you do that
wtfya :
what the f**k you a**h**e
wtfyb :
what the f**k you b***h
wtg :
way to go
wtgds :
way to go dumb s**t
wtgp :
Want to go Private
wth :
what the heck
wtharud :
what the heck are you doing
wthau :
who the hell are you
wthauwf :
what the hell are you waiting for
wthay :
who the hell are you
wthayd :
what the heck are you doing
wthaydwmgf :
what the hell are you doing with my girlfriend
wthdyd :
what the hell did you do
wthdydt :
why the hell did you do that
wthdym :
what the hell do you mean
wthhyb :
where the hell have you been?
wthigo :
what the hell is going on
wthiwwu :
What the hell is wrong with you
wtho :
want to hang out?
wthru :
Who the heck are you
wthrud :
what the hell are you doing?
wths :
want to have sex
wthswm :
want to have sex with me
wthwt :
what the hell was that?
wthwut :
what the hell were you thinking
wthyi :
what the hell you idiot
wtii :
what time is it
wtiiot :
What time is it over there?
wtiiwua :
what time is it where you are
wtityb :
whatever, tell it to your blog
wtly :
Welcome to last year
Wtm :
What's the move
wtmf :
what the mother f**k
wtmfh :
what the mother f**king hell
wtmi :
way too much information
wtmtr :
what's the matter
wtp :
where's the party
Want to play Roblox
wtrud :
what are you doing
wts :
want to sell
wtt :
want to trade
wtta :
what to talk about
wttp :
want to trade pictures?
wtv :
wtva :
wtvr :
Wtw :
What's the word
wtwm :
what time are we meeting?
wtwr :
well that was random
Word To Your Mother
wu :
what's up
wu :
what's up?
wu2kilu :
want you to know I love you
wub :
wubmgf :
Will You Be My Girlfriend?
wubu2 :
what you been up to
wubut :
what you been up too
what you see is what you get
wud :
wudev :
wudn :
what you doing now
wufa :
where you from again
Wugd :
What you guys doing
wugowm :
will you go out with me
wula :
what you looking at?
wuld :
wuny :
wait until next year
wussup :
What is up?
wut :
wutb :
What are you talking about
wutcha :
What are you
wuteva :
wutevr :
what ever
wuts :
what is
wutup :
What's Up
wuu2 :
what you up too
wuu2 :
what you up to
wuu22m :
what you up to tomorrow
wuup2 :
what you up to
wuut :
what you up to
wuv :
wuwh :
Wish you were here
wuwt :
what's up with that
wuwta :
what do you want to talk about
wuwtab :
what do you want to talk about
wuwtb :
what do you want to talk about
wuwtta :
what you want to talk about
wuwttb :
What you want to talk about
wuwu :
what up with you
wuza :
what's up
wuzup :
what's up
WW2 :
World War 2
wwc :
who would care
wwcnd :
What would Chuck Norris do
wwdhd :
What would David Hasselhoff do
wwe :
World Wrestling Entertainment
wwg1wga :
where we go one we go all
wwgf :
when we gonna f**k
wwhw :
when where how why
wwikt :
why would i know that
wwjd :
what would jesus do?
wwt :
what was that
wwtf :
what was that for
wwudtm :
what would you do to me
wwut :
what were you thinking
www :
world wide web
wwwu :
whats wrong with you
wwwy :
what's wrong with you
wwy :
where were you
wwycm :
when will you call me
wwyd :
what would you do?
wwyd2m :
what would you do to me
wwygac :
write when you get a chance
wwyt :
What were you thinking
wy :
wya :
Where you at?
wyas :
wow you are stupid
wyatb :
wish you all the best
wyauimg :
Why you all up in my grill?
wyb :
Watch your back
wybts :
were you born this sexy
wyc :
will you come
wycm :
Will You Call Me
wyd :
what are you doing
wyd2dy :
what are you doing today
Wydt :
What you doing there
wyg :
will you go
wygac :
when you get a chance
wygam :
When you get a minute
wygowm :
Will you go out with me
wygwm :
will you go with me
wyhi :
Would You Hit It?
wyhswm :
would you have sex with me
wylion :
whether you like it or not
wyltk :
wouldn't you like to know
wylym :
Watch Your Language Young Man
wym :
What You Mean?
wymm :
will you marry me
wyn :
What's your name
wyp :
what's your problem?
wypsu :
will you please shut up
wys :
wow you're stupid
wysiayg :
what you see is all you get
wysitwirl :
what you see is totally worthless in real life
wysiwyg :
what you see is what you get
wytb :
wish you the best
What you trying to do
Wyut :
What you up to
wyw :
What You Want
wywh :
wish you were here
wywo :
while you were out
wywtta :
What you want to talk about
w\e :
Love You, Miss You, Want You
Wygf :
What You Going For
y w :
you're welcome
yaqw :
You are quite welcome
yasw :
you are so weird
yatwl :
you are the weakest link
yaw :
you are welcome
yctwuw :
you can think what you want
yduwtk :
why do you want to know
yiwtgo :
Yes, I want to go private
ykw :
You Know What
ykwim :
you know what I mean
ykwiw :
You Know What I Want
ykwya :
you know who you are
ykywywm :
you know you wish you were me
ymiaw :
your mom is a w***e
ynw :
you know what
yqw :
you're quite welcome
ysw :
you're so welcome
yswnt :
why sleep when not tired?
ytfwudt :
why the f**k would you do that?
ythwudt :
Why the hell would you do that
yvfw :
you're very f**king welcome
yvw :
you're very welcome
yw :
you're welcome
ywapom :
you want a piece of me?
ywia :
You're welcome in advance
ywic :
why would i care
yws :
you want sex
ywsyls :
you win some you lose some
ywud :
yo whats up dude
ywvm :
you're welcome very much
ywywm :
you wish you were me
yysw :
yeah, yeah, sure, whatever

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