Definition & Meaning of "TGIWJO"

What does tgiwjo mean? View the definition of tgiwjo and all related slang terms containing tgiwjo below:

tgiwjo :
Thank God It Was Just Once

Usage of TGIWJO

The abbreviation TGIWJO is a shorthand way of expressing gratitude that a particular event or situation occurred only once. It is often used to convey relief that something negative or unpleasant did not become a recurring occurrence. This abbreviation can be used in various contexts, from personal situations to work-related matters. In texting, TGIWJO is a quick and efficient way to communicate this sentiment.

Examples of TGIWJO used in texting:

1) Friend 1: Did you have to work overtime every day this week?
Friend 2: Nope, just once. TGIWJO!

2) Coworker 1: Did you have to deal with that difficult client again?
Coworker 2: No, thankfully it was just a one-time thing. TGIWJO!

3) Family member 1: Did you get into another argument with your sibling?
Family member 2: No, it was just a one-off disagreement. TGIWJO!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tgiwjo"

tgiwjo :
Thank God It Was Just Once

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