Definition & Meaning of "WWIKT"

What does wwikt mean? View the definition of wwikt and all related slang terms containing wwikt below:

wwikt :
why would i know that

Usage of WWIKT

The abbreviation WWIKT stands for "why would I know that." It is used to express confusion or disbelief when someone is asked a question that they don't have the answer to, or when they are expected to know something that is not within their area of knowledge or expertise. It can also be used to imply that the person asking the question should not have expected the recipient to know the answer.

Example of WWIKT used in texting:
1. Person A: What's the capital of Burkina Faso?
Person B: WWIKT. Do I look like a geography expert?

2. Person A: What's the name of that actor who played in that movie we saw last night?
Person B: WWIKT. I'm terrible with names.

3. Person A: Can you explain how quantum mechanics works?
Person B: WWIKT. I'm an English major, not a physicist.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wwikt"

wwikt :
why would i know that

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