Definition & Meaning of "AIWS"

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aiws :
as i was saying

Usage of AIWS

The abbreviation "AIWS" is a shorthand way of indicating that the speaker is continuing a thought that was interrupted, often by someone else speaking or a brief distraction. It's a quick way to let others know that the speaker didn't forget what they were saying and is picking up where they left off.

Examples of AIWS used in texting:

1) Person A: "I saw the craziest thing on my way to work this morning--"
Person B: "Hold on, I forgot my phone in the car, one sec"
Person A: "AIWS, there was a man riding a unicycle down the middle of the highway!"

2) Person A: "So then I told her--"
Phone buzzes with a new message
Person A: "AIWS, sorry about that. Anyway, I told her she was being unreasonable."

3) Person A: "I need to go to the store, I'm almost out of milk--"
Person B: "Wait, can you pick me up some bread too?"
Person A: "AIWS, yes I can grab some bread for you."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "aiws"

aiws :
as i was saying

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