Definition & Meaning of "WANA"

What does wana mean? View the definition of wana and all related slang terms containing wana below:

wana :
want to

Usage of WANA

The abbreviation WANA is a shortened way of writing 'want to'. It is commonly used in text messaging and online communications. The use of this abbreviation helps to make typing faster, especially on mobile devices where typing can be cumbersome. By using WANA, individuals convey what they wish to do or what they desire without typing the full phrase.

Examples of WANA used in texting:

1) Hey, WANA grab some lunch later?
2) WANA come over tonight and watch a movie?
3) WANA hang out at the park later and play some basketball?

Overall, the abbreviation WANA is used to convey the message of wanting or desiring something or to express an invitation. By using this abbreviation, text messages are more concise and efficient, making communication easier and faster.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wana"

wana :
want to
wanafuk :
wanna f**k

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