Definition & Meaning of "WTHDYD"

What does wthdyd mean? View the definition of wthdyd and all related slang terms containing wthdyd below:

wthdyd :
what the hell did you do

Usage of WTHDYD

The abbreviation WTHDYD stands for "what the hell did you do." It is a casual and informal way to express incredulity or frustration when someone has done something unexpected, foolish or wrong. The abbreviation can be used as a playful joke between friends or in a more serious context when someone needs to explain their behavior or actions.

Examples of WTHDYD used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Hey, have you seen my phone?
Friend 2: WTHDYD? Did you lose it again?

2. Parent: I just got a call from your school. They said you skipped your classes today.
Teenager: WTHDYD? How did they find out?

3. Boss: You missed the deadline for the report. What happened?
Employee: WTHDYD? I thought I had one more day to finish it.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wthdyd"

wthdyd :
what the hell did you do
wthdydt :
why the hell did you do that

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