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Usage of WLCM

The abbreviation "WLCM" is used in texting as a shorthand way of saying "welcome." It is typically used when greeting someone new or welcoming them to a group, event, or location. The abbreviation is convenient because it saves time and characters in a text message, while still conveying the intended friendly message of welcome.

Example 1:
Friend A: "Hey, I'm new to this chat. What's up?"
You: "Hey there! WLCM to the group! Not much, just chatting about the weekend."

Example 2:
You: "Hi! Just wanted to let you know that your package arrived. WLCM! Enjoy your new shirt!"
Friend B: "Thank you! Can't wait to wear it."

Example 3:
You: "I heard it's your first day of work today. WLCM to the team! Let me know if you have any questions or need help settling in."
New coworker: "Thanks so much. I'm excited to be here!"

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wlcm :

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