Definition & Meaning of "WB"

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wb :
welcome back

Usage of WB

In texting, the abbreviation WB is commonly used to stand for the phrase 'welcome back.' It is typically used as a friendly greeting or response to someone who has returned after a short absence, such as from a vacation, a break at work, or after being offline for some time. This abbreviation is often used in informal settings like chatting with friends on social media platforms, messaging apps or in group chats. People may use WB when they want to be polite and acknowledge the other person's absence.

Example 1:
Person A: Hey, I'm back from my trip!
Person B: WB! How was it?

Example 2:
Person A: Sorry, my phone died earlier. What did I miss?
Person B: Not much. WB, glad to have you back.

Example 3:
Person A: Hey guys, I'm finally online again!
Group chat: WB! We missed you.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wb"

awb :
Acquaintance with benefits
bbwb :
best buddy with boobs
bewb :
bewbs :
bewbz :
dwb :
Driving while black
dwbh :
don't worry, be happy
dwbi :
Don't worry about it.
fwb :
Friends with Benefits
iwbrbl@r :
I will be right back later
knewb :
new player
newb :
someone who is new
newbie :
new player
nmhwby :
nothing much here what about you
nwb :
a new person
pwb :
p***y whipped b***h
rwb :
Rich White b***h
twbc :
that would be cool
uwbr :
You will be remembered
wb :
welcome back
wbagnfarb :
would be a good name for a rock band
wbb :
will be back
wbbs :
will be back soon
wbk :
Welcome Back
wbp :
Welcome Back Partner
wbrb :
Will be right back
wbs :
write back soon
wbu :
what about you
wby :
what about you

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