Definition & Meaning of "LMAOWROTF"

What does lmaowrotf mean? View the definition of lmaowrotf and all related slang terms containing lmaowrotf below:

lmaowrotf :
Laughing my ass of while rolling on the floor


The abbreviation LMAOWROTF is used in texting and social media to express extreme laughter. It stands for "Laughing my ass off while rolling on the floor". This phrase conveys the image of someone laughing so hard that they can no longer control their body and are literally rolling on the floor in hysterics.

Example of LMAOWROTF used in texting:
1) Friend 1: Did you see that video of the cat trying to catch a laser pointer?
Friend 2: Yes, LMAOWROTF! That was hilarious!
2) Friend 1: I just remembered that time we got stuck in the elevator at the mall
Friend 2: Oh my god, LMAOWROTF! I can't believe we survived that!
3) Friend 1: I just got a ridiculous haircut, check it out!
Friend 2: LMAOWROTF, oh wow, that's... something. Did you ask for a bowl cut?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lmaowrotf"

lmaowrotf :
Laughing my ass of while rolling on the floor

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