Definition & Meaning of "SFW"

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sfw :
safe for work

Usage of SFW

The abbreviation SFW stands for "Safe for Work", which is used to refer to content that is considered appropriate and suitable to be viewed or shared while at work, without risking any potential offense or inappropriate material. This term is frequently used on internet forums, social media, and other online platforms to distinguish between content that is safe for all audiences and content that may contain explicit or offensive material.

Examples of SFW used in texting:

1. Hey, do you have any SFW recommendations for a new Netflix series I can watch during my lunch break?

2. Sorry, I can't open that link you just sent me - is it SFW or should I wait until I get home to check it out?

3. Just a heads up - the photos you posted on Instagram aren't exactly SFW. You might want to consider adjusting your privacy settings.

(Examples of SFW used in texting are labeled in bold)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sfw"

lsfw :
Less Safe For Work
nsfw :
not safe for work
sfw :
safe for work
sfwuz :
safe for work until zoomed

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