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wkend :

Usage of WKEND

The term WKEND is commonly used in texting as an abbreviation for 'weekend'. This abbreviation is very useful to save time when sending text messages and is easily understood by the recipient. The weekend is the time of the week when people typically have a break from work or school and can relax or participate in leisure activities. It is generally considered to be from Friday evening until Sunday evening.

Example of WKEND used in texting:
1. Hey, you want to go out this WKEND?
2. I can't wait for the WKEND, going to the beach with my friends!
3. I'm so tired, can't wait to sleep in this WKEND.

These are just a few examples demonstrating how the abbreviation WKEND is commonly used in texting to save time and convey a message quickly and easily.

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wkend :

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