Definition & Meaning of "OWNZER"

What does ownzer mean? View the definition of ownzer and all related slang terms containing ownzer below:

ownzer :
one who makes others look bad

Usage of OWNZER

The term OWNZER refers to a person who attempts to make others look bad. This can be through various means such as belittling them, criticizing them, or spreading rumors about them. An OWNZER may act in this way to elevate their own status or to reduce someone else's. They may also do it out of jealousy or spite. It is important to remember that this behavior is toxic and can have a negative impact on others.

Example of OWNZER used in texting:

1. "I can't believe she's trying to take credit for my work again, what an OWNZER!"
2. "He's always trying to one-up me in conversations, he's such an OWNZER."
3. "Did you hear what she said about me? She's always gossiping, what an OWNZER."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ownzer"

ownzer :
one who makes others look bad

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