Definition & Meaning of "KEWL"

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kewl :

Usage of KEWL

The term KEWL is a slang abbreviation that originated in the early days of texting and online communication. It is used to convey a sense of approval or admiration for something, similar to the word 'cool.' It's often used as a reaction to something interesting, creative, or impressive. The use of this abbreviation is common among younger people and those who are more familiar with digital communication.

Examples of KEWL used in texting:

1) "Just got tickets to see my favorite band! KEWL!" (Example of KEWL used in response to exciting news)
2) "Wow, you just painted your room black? KEWL, can't wait to see it!" (Example of KEWL used to express admiration for something unique)
3) "This new game is so KEWL, we should play it together sometime!" (Example of KEWL used to describe something fun and enjoyable)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "kewl"

kewl :
skewl :

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