Definition & Meaning of "WCUTM"

What does wcutm mean? View the definition of wcutm and all related slang terms containing wcutm below:

wcutm :
what can you tell me

Usage of WCUTM

The abbreviation "WCUTM" is used in texting as a shorthand way of asking someone "what can you tell me?" This phrase is often used when you're seeking information or looking for details on a particular topic. Using this abbreviation can save time and make communication more efficient, especially when you're sending a quick message.

Examples of WCUTM used in texting:
1. Hey, I heard you went to the concert last night. WCUTM about it?
2. I'm thinking of getting a new phone. WCUTM about the latest iPhone?
3. I'm working on a research project and I need some data. WCUTM about the demographics of our target audience?

All of these text messages use the abbreviation "WCUTM" instead of writing out the full phrase "what can you tell me." This makes the messages shorter and easier to type, while still conveying the same message.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wcutm"

wcutm :
what can you tell me

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