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Usage of PWN3R

The abbreviation PWN3R is a term often used in online gaming communities and text messaging to refer to someone who is an expert in a particular area, or who has complete ownership or control over something. This term is derived from the word "owner" but with a hacker-style spelling of "pwn" (pronounced "own") which means to dominate or defeat. In a gaming context, the PWN3R is the person who dominates the game and controls their opponents.

Examples of PWN3R used in texting:
1. "John is such a PWN3R, he always wins at Fortnite." - Example of PWN3R used in texting.
2. "I got pwn3d by that hacker last night, they owned me completely." - Example of PWN3R used in texting.
3. "Everyone knows that Sarah is the PWN3R of this group project, she's got everything under control." - Example of PWN3R used in texting.

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pwn3r :

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