Definition & Meaning of "WTMFH"

What does wtmfh mean? View the definition of wtmfh and all related slang terms containing wtmfh below:

wtmfh :
what the mother f**king hell

Usage of WTMFH

The abbreviation WTMFH stands for 'What the Mother f**king Hell'. It is a slang term used in informal contexts to express shock or disbelief, often in response to something that has been said or done. It is used to express extreme displeasure, outrage or disbelief and is typically written in all caps. Some examples of when someone may use WTMFH are when something wrong or unethical happens, when someone is behaving carelessly, or when something shocking is revealed.

Example Text Messages:

1. WTMFH! Did you really just do that?

2. I can't believe he said that - WTMFH!

3. I just heard what happened - WTMFH!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtmfh"

wtmfh :
what the mother f**king hell

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