Definition & Meaning of "WTD"

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wtd :
what the deuce

Usage of WTD

The abbreviation 'WTD' is an informal expression used to convey surprise, confusion, or disbelief. It stands for 'what the deuce' which is a polite version of 'what the hell'. It is commonly used in texting and other forms of digital communication to express a wide range of emotions such as shock, disbelief, astonishment, and incredulity.

Examples of WTD used in texting:

1. Example of WTD used in texting:
Friend - "I just saw a UFO in the sky"
You - "WTD! You're kidding, right?"

2. Example of WTD used in texting:
Colleague - "I just got promoted after only working here for six months"
You - "WTD! That's amazing. Congratulations!"

3. Example of WTD used in texting:
Classmate - "I got a C on my exam even though I studied for days"
You - "WTD! That's insane. Did the professor curve the grades?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtd"

wdywtd :
what do you want to do
wdywtdt :
Why Do You Want To Do That?
wtd :
what the deuce
wtfwtd :
what the f**k was that dude

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