Definition & Meaning of "IAWY"

What does iawy mean? View the definition of iawy and all related slang terms containing iawy below:

iawy :
I agree with you

Usage of IAWY

I Agree With You(IAWY) is an abbreviation commonly used in informal conversations, most commonly via text message. It is used to express agreement or a positive affirmation to something that has been said or written. For example, if a friend sends a text asking, "Do you like the new restaurant we went to yesterday?," the response of "IAWY" would be an acceptable reply.

Sample text messages:

1. "I think we should plan a trip to the beach this weekend!" - "IAWY!"

2. "I'm going to take a break from studying, do you feel the same?" - "IAWY!"

3. "I think we should go to that cafe down the street!" - "IAWY!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iawy"

iawy :
I agree with you

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