Definition & Meaning of "WOTV"

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wotv :
What's on Television?

Usage of WOTV

The abbreviation WOTV is used in texting as a shortened version of the question, "What's on Television?". It's a quick and easy way for people to ask their friends or family what shows or movies they are currently watching on TV. Instead of typing out the full question, which can take up valuable time, people can simply use the abbreviation WOTV to get their message across in a more efficient manner.

Example 1 of WOTV used in texting:
Friend 1: Hey, what's up?
Friend 2: Not much, just chilling on the couch. WOTV?

Example 2 of WOTV used in texting:
Mom: Are you coming home for dinner tonight?
Me: I'm not sure yet. I have a lot of work to do. WOTV?

Example 3 of WOTV used in texting:
Sibling 1: Hey, have you watched the latest episode of our favorite show yet?
Sibling 2: No, not yet. I've been busy all day. WOTV tonight?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wotv"

wotv :
What's on Television?

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