Definition & Meaning of "WYLYM"

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wylym :
Watch Your Language Young Man

Usage of WYLYM

The abbreviation WYLYM is an expression used to remind someone to be mindful of their words and use appropriate language, particularly when addressing someone older or in a position of authority. The phrase is often used in a playful or humorous way, but it also carries a serious undertone.

Example 1 of WYLYM used in texting:
Person 1: "Ugh, my boss is such an idiot."
Person 2: "WYLYM! He's still your superior and deserves respect."

Example 2 of WYLYM used in texting:
Parent: "Can you please tidy your room?"
Child: "No, I don't feel like it."
Parent: "WYLYM! You don't talk to me like that."

Example 3 of WYLYM used in texting:
Teacher: "I need everyone to put away their phones during class."
Student: "But I'm just checking my messages!"
Teacher: "WYLYM! School rules apply to everyone."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wylym"

wylym :
Watch Your Language Young Man

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