Definition & Meaning of "GWYTOSE"

What does gwytose mean? View the definition of gwytose and all related slang terms containing gwytose below:

gwytose :
go waste your time on someone else

Usage of GWYTOSE

The abbreviation GWYTOSE is a dismissive message that tells someone to go spend their time on someone else that matters because the recipient is not worth their time. It is a snappy response that is often used when someone is being irritating or asking for attention in an unwelcome way. GWYTOSE is a shortened version of the phrase, "go waste your time on someone else," and it communicates a clear message that the other person is not wanted or valued.

Examples of GWYTOSE used in texting:

1. Person 1: Hey, can you help me with this project?
Person 2: Sorry, I'm busy. GWYTOSE.

2. Person 1: Why didn't you answer my calls?
Person 2: I was sleeping. GWYTOSE.

3. Person 1: Can you give me a ride to the mall?
Person 2: No, I am busy today. GWYTOSE.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gwytose"

gwytose :
go waste your time on someone else

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