Definition & Meaning of "WYS"

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wys :
wow you're stupid

Usage of WYS

The abbreviation WYS stands for "Wow, you're stupid." This abbreviation is typically used to express disbelief or frustration with somebody's actions or words. It is often used as a response to a particularly foolish or illogical statement, behavior, or action. While the phrase itself may seem harsh, it is often used in a playful or sarcastic manner between friends or acquaintances.

Examples of WYS used in texting:

1. Person 1: "I just failed my math test again. I don't understand why I can't pass."
Person 2: "WYS, maybe you should study more."

2. Person 1: "I'm thinking about buying this ridiculous hat for $100. What do you think?"
Person 2: "WYS, that's a complete waste of money."

3. Person 1: "I didn't know that Australia was a country."
Person 2: "WYS, how did you not know that?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wys"

twys :
Talk With You Soon
wys :
wow you're stupid
wysiayg :
what you see is all you get
wysitwirl :
what you see is totally worthless in real life
wysiwyg :
what you see is what you get

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