Definition & Meaning of "THWY"

What does thwy mean? View the definition of thwy and all related slang terms containing thwy below:

thwy :
the hell with you!

Usage of THWY

The abbreviation THWY is typically used as a dismissive and rude way of saying 'the hell with you!' It is often used when someone is frustrated or angry with another person and wants to make it clear that they are not interested in continuing the conversation or relationship. This abbreviation is considered to be very impolite and should only be used in informal situations with people who are familiar with your sense of humor and communication style.

Example of THWY used in texting:

1. Person 1: Hey, can I borrow your car tonight?
Person 2: Sorry, I need it tonight.
Person 1: Well screw you then!
Person 2: THWY!

2. Person 1: Why didn't you text me back last night?
Person 2: I was busy.
Person 1: You could have at least said something.
Person 2: THWY! I don't owe you anything.

3. Person 1: I really think we should talk about our relationship.
Person 2: I don't want to.
Person 1: Why not?
Person 2: Because THWY! I'm done with this.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "thwy"

thwy :
the hell with you!

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