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wlkd :

Usage of WLKD

The abbreviation "WLKD" is a shortened version of the word "walked". It is a common abbreviation used in texting to save time and effort while messaging. The term is often used when referring to someone who has taken a walk or gone for a stroll.

Examples of WLKD used in texting:

1. "Hey, just WLKD the dog around the block. What's up?"
2. "I WLKD to the store and back, it's such a beautiful day outside!"
3. "I'm so tired, I WLKD a lot today while shopping. Need to rest now."

All of these example text messages demonstrate the use of "WLKD" as an abbreviation for "walked". It is important to note that using slang and abbreviations like this is common in texting, but may not be appropriate in more formal communication settings.

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wlkd :

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