Definition & Meaning of "WDYE"

What does wdye mean? View the definition of wdye and all related slang terms containing wdye below:

wdye :
What do you expect

Usage of WDYE

The abbreviation "WDYE" is a popular internet slang used in texting and online communication, particularly in casual conversations among friends and family. It stands for "What do you expect" which is a rhetorical question that implies that the speaker has predicted the outcome or behavior of a person. It is often used to express exasperation or disbelief at someone's actions or to express that the result was predictable.

Examples of WDYE used in texting:

1. Person A: "I can't believe my boss made me work late again today."
Person B: "WDYE? You know how he is."

2. Person A: "I failed my exam. I studied all night!"
Person B: "WDYE? You barely studied for an hour."

3. Person A: "This party is so boring."
Person B: "WDYE? We knew it was going to be lame."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wdye"

wdye :
What do you expect

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