Definition & Meaning of "LSFW"

What does lsfw mean? View the definition of lsfw and all related slang terms containing lsfw below:

lsfw :
Less Safe For Work

Usage of LSFW

The abbreviation "LSFW" stands for "less safe for work." This phrase is often used to refer to content that may be inappropriate for an office or workplace environment. The term is typically used as a warning to others that the material being shared may contain risqué or adult content, such as explicit images, videos, or language. Generally, this warning is issued to prevent any potential embarrassment or negative consequences that may result from viewing or sharing such content in a professional setting.

Example of LSFW used in texting:

1. "Hey, have you seen this new music video? It's pretty LSFW, just a heads up!"

2. "I found some hilarious memes online but they're definitely LSFW lol."

3. "Sorry if this is LSFW, but I had to show you this cute photo of my dog wearing sunglasses."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lsfw"

lsfw :
Less Safe For Work

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