Definition & Meaning of "FWOB"

What does fwob mean? View the definition of fwob and all related slang terms containing fwob below:

fwob :
friends with occasional benefits

Usage of FWOB

The abbreviation FWOB stands for 'friends with occasional benefits'. This term refers to two individuals who are friends but engage in sexual intimacy on a casual or occasional basis without being in a committed relationship. It can be seen as a less formal and less intense version of a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

Examples of FWOB used in texting:
1. "Hey, are you and John dating now?" - "No, we're just FWOB."
2. "I'm going to grab drinks with my FWOB tonight, wanna come?"
3. "I'm really enjoying being FWOB with David, but I don't think I want anything serious right now."

These examples show how the abbreviation FWOB can be used as a shortcut to describe a specific type of relationship dynamic between two individuals.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fwob"

fwob :
friends with occasional benefits

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