Definition & Meaning of "WHEVAH"

What does whevah mean? View the definition of whevah and all related slang terms containing whevah below:

whevah :
where ever

Usage of WHEVAH

The abbreviation WHEVAH is a shorthand way of saying "where ever." It's commonly used in text messaging and other forms of online communication as a way to save time and characters. The term can refer to any location that is unknown or unspecified, and it's often used to describe places that are hard to find or difficult to get to.

Example of WHEVAH used in texting:
1) "Hey! Want to meet up for lunch WHEVAH you want today?"
2) "I'm down for an adventure, let's see WHEVAH the road takes us!"
3) "I'll be working from home today, so feel free to call me WHEVAH you need to talk."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "whevah"

whevah :
where ever

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