Definition & Meaning of "LTYWL"

What does ltywl mean? View the definition of ltywl and all related slang terms containing ltywl below:

ltywl :
love the way you lie

Usage of LTYWL

The abbreviation LTYWL is usually used as an abbreviation for 'love the way you lie', which is a phrase that refers to someone staying in a relationship even though they know they are being lied to. This phrase can be interpreted in different ways, but in general, it means that despite the lies and deceit, the person is still in love with their significant other and cannot walk away from the relationship.

Examples of LTYWL used in texting:
1. 'I know he lies to me all the time, but I just can't leave him. LTYWL' (Example of LTYWL used in texting)
2. 'My friends keep telling me to break up with him, but they don't understand LTYWL' (Example of LTYWL used in texting)
3. 'I hate myself for staying with him, but LTYWL, I just can't help it' (Example of LTYWL used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ltywl"

ltywl :
love the way you lie

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