Definition & Meaning of "WTBH"

What does wtbh mean? View the definition of wtbh and all related slang terms containing wtbh below:

wtbh :
What the bloody hell

Usage of WTBH

The abbreviation WTBH is a slang expression used to express extreme shock or confusion. It is an abbreviation for "What the bloody hell," which is a British expression that is similar in meaning to "What the heck" or "What the hell." This abbreviation is often used in informal texting conversations as a way to quickly express surprise or disbelief.

Examples of WTBH used in texting:

1) Person A: Did you hear about the new Netflix show?
Person B: No, what's it about?
Person A: It's a reality show where people date without ever seeing each other.
Person B: WTBH, that sounds crazy!

2) Person A: I just found out that my ex is engaged.
Person B: WTBH, that's wild. How do you feel about it?

3) Person A: I'm thinking of dying my hair pink.
Person B: WTBH, that would be so cool!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtbh"

wtbh :
What the bloody hell

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