Definition & Meaning of "NWS"

What does nws mean? View the definition of nws and all related slang terms containing nws below:

nws :
not work safe

Usage of NWS

The abbreviation NWS stands for 'not work safe.' It is used to signify that a particular piece of content, such as a website or an image, is not suitable for viewing in a work environment. This includes content that contains adult material, profanity, or anything that may be considered inappropriate or offensive. Using the abbreviation NWS warns others that the content may not be safe to view in a professional setting, and should only be accessed in a private environment.

Examples of NWS used in texting:

1. Just a heads up, that link you sent me is NWS. Can't risk getting in trouble at work.
2. I know you love to send me funny videos, but please make sure they're not NWS. My boss is always lurking around.
3. Hey, did you see that picture on Instagram? Yeah, it's pretty NWS so don't check it out while you're in the office.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nws"

nws :
not work safe

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