Definition & Meaning of "IYWT"

What does iywt mean? View the definition of iywt and all related slang terms containing iywt below:

iywt :
if you want to

Usage of IYWT

The abbreviation IYWT is used as an abbreviation for 'if you want to'. It is commonly used in casual conversations, especially through text messages, to suggest that the decision is up to the recipient and they are free to choose their own preference.

Examples of IYWT used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Do you want to watch a movie tonight?
Friend 2: I can't decide. IYWT, we can either watch a comedy or a thriller.

2. Boyfriend: Do you want to try that new sushi place tonight?
Girlfriend: Sounds good! But how about we meet there directly? IYWT, I have some errands to run.

3. Colleague: Can you finish the report by tomorrow?
You: I'm not sure if I can complete it by then. But IYWT, I can submit it the day after tomorrow instead.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iywt"

iywt :
if you want to

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