Definition & Meaning of "LSHIWMS"

What does lshiwms mean? View the definition of lshiwms and all related slang terms containing lshiwms below:

lshiwms :
laughing so hard I wet myself

Usage of LSHIWMS

The abbreviation LSHIWMS is used in texting to indicate extreme laughter. It literally stands for 'laughing so hard I wet myself', which implies that the laughter is uncontrollable and has caused the person to have an accident. This abbreviation is considered to be a humorous way of expressing one's amusement, and it is commonly used among friends or family members who share a similar sense of humor.

Examples of LSHIWMS used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Did you see that viral video of the cat playing piano?"
Friend 2: "OMG yes LSHIWMS!"
2. Person A: "I just remembered the time we got lost in the mall and ended up in the pet store."
Person B: "LOL LSHIWMS! That was so funny!"
3. Family member: "Remember when Uncle Bob fell asleep during Thanksgiving dinner and snored so loud we all thought there was an earthquake?"
Family member 2: "Hahaha yes! LSHIWMS just thinking about it."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lshiwms"

lshiwms :
laughing so hard I wet myself

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