Definition & Meaning of "TWIF"

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twif :
That’s what I figured

Usage of TWIF

The abbreviation TWIF stands for "That's what I figured." It is typically used in text messaging or online conversations to convey the understanding or agreement with a statement or assumption. When someone responds with "TWIF," they are acknowledging that the information or conclusion being discussed aligns with their own thoughts or expectations.

Examples of TWIF used in texting:

1. Friend A: "I heard the concert tickets sold out in minutes!"
Friend B: "TWIF! Those artists always have such a huge following."

2. Coworker A: "Looks like our boss will be working late again tonight."
Coworker B: "TWIF! He's always the last one to leave the office."

3. Sibling A: "Mom wants us to clean the house before she gets home."
Sibling B: "TWIF! She's always on top of keeping things neat and tidy."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "TWIF"

That’s what I figured

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