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wl :

Usage of WL

The abbreviation "WL" is a shorthand way to represent the word "will". It is often used in text messaging and other forms of digital communication as a way to save time and characters when typing out a message.

Example 1 - Use of WL in texting:
Person A: Hey, can you grab me a coffee on your way back from class?
Person B: Sure, WL stop at the café on my way home.

Example 2 - Use of WL in texting:
Person A: Are you coming to the party tonight?
Person B: I'm not sure yet, WL let you know later.

Example 3 - Use of WL in texting:
Person A: Do you think you'll be able to finish the report by tomorrow?
Person B: Yes, I WL have it done and ready for review by 5 pm.

These are just a few examples of how "WL" can be used in texting to quickly convey the meaning of "will". It's a handy abbreviation that can help streamline digital communication and make it more efficient.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wl"

bbwl :
be back way later
Bursting with laughter
gnfpwlbn :
good news for people who love bad news
iwlu4e :
I will love you for ever
k3wl :
kewl :
kmswl :
killing myself with laughter
kuwl :
kwl :
lawl :
lauging out loud with a southern drawl
lawl'd :
laughed out loud
lawled :
laughed out loud
lawls :
laughing out loud with a southern drawl
lawlz :
laughing out loud with a southern drawl
ltywl :
love the way you lie
rofwl :
Rolling on the floor while laughing
rotfwlmao :
rolling on the floor while laughing my ass off
skewl :
skwl :
ttywl :
Talk to you way later
wl :
wlc :
wlcb :
welcome back
wlcm :
wld :
wlkd :
wlos :
wife looking over Shoulder
wltm :
would like to meet
yatwl :
you are the weakest link

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