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pow :
prisoner of war

Usage of POW

The abbreviation POW stands for 'prisoner of war', which refers to a person who is captured and held in custody during a time of war. POWs are often subjected to harsh living conditions and may be interrogated or even tortured. They are typically held until the war is over or until a prisoner exchange takes place. The label of POW carries with it a recognition of the hardships and dangers faced by those who are held captive in times of conflict.

Examples of POW used in texting:
1. "I just learned that my great-grandfather was a POW during WWII. It's amazing to think about the sacrifices he made for our country. #POW"
2. "Have you seen that new movie about a POW who escapes from a North Korean prison camp? It looks intense. #POW"
3. "My cousin's husband is currently deployed to a conflict zone. It's a scary thought that he could end up as a POW if things go wrong. #POW"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pow"

pow :
prisoner of war

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