Definition & Meaning of "WSIDI"

What does wsidi mean? View the definition of wsidi and all related slang terms containing wsidi below:

wsidi :
Why Should I Do It

Usage of WSIDI

The abbreviation WSIDI is commonly used in texting to express a lack of motivation or purpose in doing something. It stands for 'Why Should I Do It' and is often used in a sarcastic or dismissive manner. People may use this abbreviation when they feel that a task or request is unreasonable, unimportant or simply not worth their time.

Examples of WSIDI used in texting:

1. Friend: Hey, can you help me move this weekend?
You: WSIDI? I have plans already.

2. Boss: Can you work overtime tonight?
You: WSIDI? I already worked extra hours this week.

3. Student: Do you want to study for the exam together?
You: WSIDI? I'm pretty confident in my own study methods.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wsidi"

wsidi :
Why Should I Do It

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