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whaletail :


The term WHALETAIL is an abbreviation for the popular fashion statement known as a thong. This type of underwear consists of a narrow piece of material that covers the front and is held in place by a waistband, with a thin strip of fabric running down the backside that sits between the buttocks. WHALETAIL is often used to describe when the backside of a woman's thong can be seen above the waistline of her pants or shorts.

Examples of WHALETAIL used in texting:
1. "Just saw a girl with a huge WHALETAIL at the mall. #embarrassing"
2. "I need to buy new jeans that won't show my WHALETAIL when I sit down. #fashionproblems"
3. "My boyfriend loves it when I wear a WHALETAIL, but I always feel self-conscious in public. #conflicted"

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