Definition & Meaning of "BTWILU"

What does btwilu mean? View the definition of btwilu and all related slang terms containing btwilu below:

btwilu :
by the way i love you

Usage of BTWILU

The abbreviation BTWILU is a loving way to subtly express affection towards someone while also introducing another topic of conversation. It stands for "by the way, I love you." It is often used in casual conversations between romantic partners, close friends, or family members who want to express their love without it being the primary focus of the conversation.

Example 1:
Hey, BTWILU I'm grabbing dinner with some friends tonight, so I won't be able to talk for a bit.

Example 2:
BTWILU, did you see that new movie that just came out?

Example 3:
I had an awesome time with you last night. BTWILU, would you be interested in going on a weekend trip next month?

Examples of BTWILU used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "btwilu"

btwilu :
by the way i love you

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