Definition & Meaning of "WYGWM"

What does wygwm mean? View the definition of wygwm and all related slang terms containing wygwm below:

wygwm :
will you go with me

Usage of WYGWM

The abbreviation WYGWM is used in texting to ask someone if they will go out with you, either as a date or to an event. It is a way of asking someone if they are interested in spending time with you in a romantic or social setting. This abbreviation is commonly used amongst young people who communicate through texting.

Example of WYGWM used in texting:
1. Hey, I was wondering if you're free this Saturday night? WYGWM to the movies?
2. I had a great time last night, and I was wondering if you want to go out again sometime. WYGWM for dinner next week?
3. I want to take our friendship to the next level. WYGWM on a date this weekend?

These are all examples of how WYGWM can be used in texting to ask someone out or express interest in them. It has become a popular way for young people to initiate romantic relationships or ask someone out on a date.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wygwm"

wygwm :
will you go with me

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