Definition & Meaning of "SOWI"

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sowi :

Usage of SOWI

The abbreviation SOWI is a shorthand way of saying 'sorry'. It is often used in informal texting situations when someone wants to apologize for something. The word 'sorry' can be a bit lengthy to type on a smartphone, so SOWI is a convenient way to convey the same sentiment with fewer characters. It's important to note that SOWI is a more casual way of saying sorry and may not be appropriate in more formal situations.

Examples of SOWI used in texting:

1. Hey, I can't make it to the party tonight. SOWI! 😔
2. I accidentally spilled coffee on your shirt this morning. SOWI, dude! ☕️😬
3. I know I messed up and I want to make it right. SOWI for being a jerk. 😔

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sowi :

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