Definition & Meaning of "OWNZORZ"

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ownzorz :

Usage of OWNZORZ

The abbreviation OWNZORZ is typically used in online gaming communities or in any situation where someone has been defeated or humiliated. It's a slang term derived from the word "owned," which means to be beaten or dominated in some way. It's frequently used in a playful, teasing manner and can even be used to poke fun at oneself after being embarrassed or defeated. For example, if someone gets knocked out during a game, they might say "I just got OWNZORZ'd" as a way of acknowledging their defeat and making light of the situation.

Example of OWNZORZ used in texting:

1. Can't believe you beat me. I'm OWNZORZ now.
2. You are so good at this game. I'm constantly OWNZORZ against you.
3. I got destroyed on the quiz today, definitely OWNZORZ'd by the smartest kid in class.

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ownzorz :

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