"Y W" Definition & Meaning

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y w :
you're welcome

What does y w mean?

y w means "you're welcome"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "y w"

bbwb :
best buddy with boobs
bwim :
by which i mean
cmw :
cutting my wrists
gwm :
gay white male
hwu :
hey what's up
idbtwdsat :
I don't believe they would do such a thing
iomw :
I'm on my way
mgiwjsdchmw :
my girlfriend is watching jeff so don't call her my wife
nomw :
not on my watch
knickers off ready when I come home
omw :
on my way
omwh :
on my way home
omwts :
on my way to school
plywm :
play with me
pwb :
p***y whipped b***h
slore :
s**tty w***e
swp :
sorry wrong person
tmwfi :
Take my word for it
upw :
unidentified party wound
urmw :
you are my world
vwd :
very well done
vweg :
very wicked evil grin
wwikt :
why would i know that
wysitwirl :
what you see is totally worthless in real life
y w :
you're welcome
yvw :
you're very welcome
ywic :
why would i care

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