Definition & Meaning of "AWOL"

What does awol mean? View the definition of awol and all related slang terms containing awol below:

awol :
absent without leave

Usage of AWOL

The term "AWOL" is an abbreviation that stands for "absent without leave." It is a military term that means someone who has left their assigned location without permission or notification. This can result in disciplinary action and can have serious consequences for those who go AWOL. In non-military contexts, AWOL is often used to describe someone who is missing or absent without an explanation.

Examples of AWOL used in texting:

1. Hey, have you seen Taylor? She's been AWOL since yesterday and I'm getting worried. (Example of AWOL used in texting)

2. Sorry I couldn't make it to the party last night, I went AWOL with some friends and lost track of time. (Example of AWOL used in texting)

3. Our boss has been AWOL all week and we don't know when he's coming back. It's really affecting our productivity. (Example of AWOL used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "awol"

awol :
absent without leave

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