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bewbs :

Usage of BEWBS

The slang abbreviation "BEWBS" is used to refer to a woman's breasts, particularly in a lighthearted or flirtatious manner. It is often used as an abbreviation in casual contexts, such as texting and online conversations.

Examples of BEWBS used in texting:

1. "Hey, did you see that girl's BEWBS? 😂"
2. "I am feeling really confident today, thanks to my new push-up bra. My BEWBS are looking great 👀"
3. "I can't believe my boss just complimented my outfit, including my BEWBS. So awkward 😳"

These examples are all casual uses of the abbreviation BEWBS, and they demonstrate the way it is often used in an informal or humorous way. However, it is important to note that some people may find this term objectifying or offensive, so it is always best to use discretion and consider the context when deciding whether or not to use slang like this.

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bewbs :

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