Definition & Meaning of "W33D"

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w33d :

Usage of W33D

W33D is an internet slang term that refers to cannabis or marijuana. This term is often used in online communities and social media platforms to refer to the drug without explicitly saying its name. It can also be used in text messages or in informal conversations between friends.

Examples of W33D used in texting:
1. Hey dude, do you have any W33D? I want to get high tonight. (Example of W33D used to ask for marijuana)
2. I can't wait to smoke some W33D at the party tonight! (Example of W33D used to express excitement about smoking marijuana)
3. My parents found out they put cameras in the house so no more W33D for a while. (Example of W33D used to talk about avoiding marijuana due to parental consequences)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "w33d"

w33d :

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