Definition & Meaning of "PWOB"

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pwob :
Parent watching over back

Usage of PWOB

The abbreviation PWOB is an abbreviation used in texting to alert the receiver that their parents are watching over their back. This means that the person texting needs to be cautious about what they say or do because they are being monitored by their parents. It is often used by teenagers who are trying to hide something from their parents, such as their social media activity or messaging with friends.

Examples of PWOB used in texting:
1. "Hey, I can't talk right now. PWOB. Talk to you later." (This means that the person cannot talk because their parents are nearby and they do not want to get caught.)
2. "Are you going to the party tonight? PWOB, I need to make sure my parents are asleep first." (This shows that the person is concerned about their parents finding out about their plans.)
3. "Sorry, I can't send you that picture. PWOB, my mom checks my phone regularly." (This demonstrates that the person needs to be careful about what they share on their phone.)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pwob"

pwob :
Parent watching over back

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