Definition & Meaning of "WTFM"

What does wtfm mean? View the definition of wtfm and all related slang terms containing wtfm below:

wtfm :
what the f**k, mate?

Usage of WTFM

The abbreviation WTFM is a casual and informal way of expressing surprise, disbelief, or frustration with someone. It's often used in texts or online chats among friends who have a relaxed and familiar relationship. The abbreviation stands for "what the f**k, mate?" and typically implies that the sender is either shocked or annoyed by something the recipient did or said. It's common to use WTFM in situations where someone has acted unexpectedly or done something that the sender considers to be inappropriate or irritating.

Examples of WTFM used in texting:

1) Friend A: "Hey, I drank all your beer last night. Sorry, bro."
Friend B: "WTFM? That was my last case!"

2) Person A: "I just got a parking ticket for $200."
Person B: "WTFM? That's crazy! What happened?"

3) Co-worker A: "I accidentally deleted the project file. Can you send it again?"
Co-worker B: "WTFM? I already sent it twice! Pay attention next time."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtfm"

wtfm :
what the f**k, mate?
wtfmf :
what the f**k mother f**ker

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