Definition & Meaning of "IAW"

What does iaw mean? View the definition of iaw and all related slang terms containing iaw below:

iaw :
In Another Window

Usage of IAW

The abbreviation IAW is used to convey that the message or information being discussed is being viewed or found in another window. It is often used during online conversations or when multitasking on a computer or mobile phone.

Examples of IAW used in texting:
1. "Hey, can you send me the document we were discussing IAW? I need to check something else quickly." - Example of IAW used in a work context.
2. "I can't chat right now, I'm shopping IAW. Can we catch up later?" - Example of IAW used in a casual conversation.
3. "I found that recipe you were looking for IAW! It looks delicious." - Example of IAW used to share information with a friend.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iaw"

bbiaw :
be back in a while
iaw :
In Another Window
iawtc :
I agree with this comment
iawtp :
I agree with this post
iawy :
I agree with you
lpiaw :
Large Penis is always welcome
nttiawwt :
Not that there is anything wrong with that.
ymiaw :
your mom is a w***e

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