Definition & Meaning of "DINKWAD"

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dinkwad :
dual income no kids with a dog

Usage of DINKWAD

The abbreviation DINKWAD is often used to describe a specific type of household - dual income no kids with a dog. This refers to couples who are both working and do not have children, but instead have a dog or other pet as their family companion. The term is often used in a light-hearted way and is generally associated with a specific lifestyle that emphasizes career development and pet ownership over starting a family.

Examples of DINKWAD used in texting:

1) Friend: How was your weekend?

You: It was great! My partner and I went for a hike with our dog. We're such dinkwads.

2) Colleague: Are you planning on having kids anytime soon?

You: Nope, we're happy being dinkwads for now.

3) Family member: When are you going to settle down and start a family?

You: We already have! We're proud dinkwads with our fur baby.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "dinkwad"

dinkwad :
dual income no kids with a dog
dinkwads :
dual incomes no kids with a dog

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